The Hollywood tour is produced by SOURCEDANCE and Urban Empire with experience in organizing numerous tours throughout the world since 1985. These organizations produce conventions, workshops, competitions, studios and a full dancers clothing line. The tours are lead by Teri Knapp who has been instrumental in producing dancers who have danced with Mikhail Baryshnikov, Britney Spears and many others. After the first tour, she realized how important touring is for the dancer to move to the next level. In addition to the dance, the tour is very educational and fun as the dancers have the opportunity to live the life of a LA Dancer. The tour is organized with some flexibility to meet the needs of the dancers who are on a particular tour.

The Hollywood Tour(s) is the most incredible dance experience of a lifetime! Dancers are offered the opportunity to train with some of the most incredible choreographers and teachers in LA, audition for MSA – LA’s top Dance Agency, shop, sightsee AND perform in LA’s most prestigious dance show, Choreographer’s Carnival OR compete in the US National Dance Finals OR work with us to create your own customized tour in the US, Australia or Europe. We are pleased to have had some of the most amazing dancers and choreographers attend our tour including Rob McClean, Karli Dinardo, Jack May, Rina Chae, Caitlin Marks, Alysha Percy, Anna Petrova, Lesley Garcia, Cariba Heine and many many more!

The purpose of these tours is to inspire, educate and prepare dancers for the future while experiencing Hollywood or another destination city. The Hollywood Tour is designed for ALL dancers who are serious about a career in dance, music videos, commercials, TV, film & shows and who want to have some serious fun! The purpose of the tours is to inspire, educate and prepare dancers for the professional world of dance while experiencing Hollywood! Also offered is the opportunity to meet and dance with those who love to dance from all around the world. Dancers from Russia, South Africa, Czech Republic, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have all come together for the love of dance. As with many previous participants, this could be a once in a life time experience which will usually push the dancer to the next level. Studio dancers, Professional Dancers and Teachers all benefit from the tour. We offer the unique opportunity for dancers who choose the Carnival Tour to learn choreography from one of LA’s hottest choreographers and perform in front of hundreds of dancers agents and producers at LA’s longest running and most prestigious dance show. Other dancers want the opportunity to compete at the US national dance finals and still others want to create a unique tour for their group.

***New this year – dancers from around the world have the opportunity to send in audition tapes to win full and partial scholarships to attend the tour. More information will be announced later.