Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do you have a Schedule of Events for the Tours?
A: Yes… The Tentative Schedule of Events for each of the Tours is available via the following links:
Tentative Schedule – Carnival Tour Dancers
Tentative Schedule – Carnival Tour Chaperones & Family Members
Tentative Schedule – Competition Tour Dancers
Tentative Schedule – Competition Tour Chaperones & Family Members

Q: If I Register and make a Deposit, when will my final payment for the balance be due?
A: The specific due dates are in the fees pages for each tour. The final balance payment due date depends on which Tour you register for. The Final Payment amount will also depend on when you register. You need to go to the “Tours” link in the top menu bar and select the fees link for whichever tour you are interested in.

Q: How do I make my final balance payment if I only make a deposit via my credit card?
A: At the time that you initially submit your registration, the system gives you the option to either pay the full amount of the tour fee or only pay the deposit. If you elect to only make the deposit, then the final balance is scheduled to automatically be processed against your card on the due date specified.

Q: If I made a deposit, via my credit card, when I initially registered and I want to make my final balance payment before the due date, how do I make the payment since it was scheduled to automatically be processed on the due date?
A: You will need to contact us. Please have your Order Number available and be prepared to answer certain questions that we will need to confirm relative to your original order information. Please be advised that (1) we reserve the right to request additional identfication information and/or (2) not process the early payment request, in the event there is any question or concern, whatsoever, regarding the validity of the information provided.

Q: I am from Australia and I wish to make payment in AUS$ via Internet Online Banking or Direct Deposit. How do I do this?
A: Click here to visit the page that addresses this payment option.