• “The first time I did SOURCEDANCE Hollywood Tour was my first time traveling outside of Australia, and it was such an incredible experience!  At 19, it was the trip that inspired me to become a professional dancer and turn my passion into a career.  There was a great balance of private classes, classes at all the big name studios in LA, tourist activities, and nights bonding as a group & creating friendships I still have today.  I did the Hollywood Tour 3 years in a row, and each year I was getting more serious about my dancing, and was able to cater my trip to that & I spent more time in classes.  It has been 8 years since my first trip with SOURCEDANCE, and I am now a well respected dancer, teacher and choreographer in Australia.  As a performer I have worked with Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo and Ricki Lee. I am also a member of Australia’s first commercial dance company the Dream Dance Company, as well as many corporates.  As a teacher, I have worked with both American conventions NRG and KAR on their Australian tours, taught internationally across Japan, worked with Australia’s biggest dance convention the Australian Dance Festival, and am in continuous demand across Australia for workshops and choreography.  I have just been brought on for the Australian Dance Camp, and HDI for 2017 in Australia.  In the last two years I have worked a lot as an adjudicator for Get The Beat, Australian Dance Festival, and most recently KAR.

    I want to thank Chad and Teri for the experience of the Hollywood tour, but most of all the friendship we still have today and the interest, care and belief in me and what I could achieve.”

    Rob McClean – Teacher, Choreographer, Performer, Sydney Australia
  • “I can honestly say that SOURCEDANCE started my LA dance career.  Joining their first tour in 2007 let me network with the industry’s most elite choreographers, and experience performing opportunities that I would not have dreamed of back in New Zealand.  It has given me the courage to take the next step into making a move over to California to pursue my dancer’s dream.  Thank you for being there, inspiring & supporting myself and many other dancers throughout the globe from the beginning!”

    Rina Chae – Creative Director at Street Candee, New Zealand
  • “I attended the Hollywood Tour run by Teri in 2010 when I was aged 13.  It was a wonderful experience that I will never forget.  The tour exposed me to lots of different choreographers who have helped to inspire me and helped me grow as a dancer.  I am now a member of the Bradas dance crew who are 2 x adult world champions at HHI and I do a lot of their choreography, which has been assisted by the training and inspiration I received from The Hollywood Tour.  It also showed me that hard work and dedication pays off.  Teri was a fantastic organizer and I am thankful for the opportunity she gave me and the studios and people she introduced me to.”

    Riley Bourne – 2 X Adult World Champions at Hip Hop International, New Zealand
  • “I bring most students most every year on the Hollywood Tour to learn and grow!  (Oh, and have a ton of fun!)  The experience was, as always, a game-changer, for their confidence, understanding, inspiration, expectations… Now back in classes, they are killin it and sharing their experience and their growth with everyone around them, passing on that inspiration without even realizing.  What an awesome trip and how fantastic to bring the vibes back and spread them across FF and the Canberra dance community.  Thanks again to SOURCEDANCE, and to Matt Steffanina and Brian Esperon for having us in your Carnival piece!”

    Caroline Wall – Director Fresh Funk, Australia
  • “The Hollywood Tour was really the major boost for my dancing career and for my move to the United States.  The biggest inspiration for me was the work with Andre Fuentes and with Tony Czar and it is deeply in my heart forever.  Truly changed my life forever.  I performed at Choreographer’s Carnival which was a dream experience.  Since then I opened a dancing school in Brazil and then came back to the US because that is where my dancing heart is.  That’s where the best choreographers are.  That’s where the industry boils.  Last week I performed as a lead dancer for a 5000 people crowd at Pasadena Symphony – that fact speaks for itself.  The Hollywood Tour truly moved me towards my dreams.”

    Anna Petrova – LA Film School, Russia
  • “The tour was an incredible experience.  Being able to learn from and dance beside some of the industry’s leading professionals and other dancers inspired me to up my game and pass on all that I learned to others.  Two years later I am now dancing in the show Thriller Live on London’s West End.  Thank you SOURCEDANCE Hollywood Tour!”

    Lesley Garcia Bowman – Dancer in Thriller Live, United Kingdom
  • “Where do I start!  The year I travelled to America with Teri and the SOURCEDANCE team was one of the most incredible rewarding experiences of my life.  The workshops we were able to attend and also working with some of the most well renowned choreographers of our time were moments that any dancer would be jealous of.  Not one day was taken for granted, whether it be sightseeing, dinners, gatherings or workshops.  I really felt like I was on a holiday with one big family – heck I even met my second mother on this tour! I gained so much out of that experience that I still use the knowledge and tips I had learnt to this very day running my own dance studio here in Shellharbour, Australia.  When I have a chance I will do it all again with my kids.  It is truly the most amazing tour.  I recommend it to every dancer and dance teacher.  Believe me, it will change your life – Kelly Pohl”

    Kelly Pohl – Studio Owner, Australia
  • “I joined the Hollywood Tour and it was the absolute best thing for my dancing career.  I was expertly guided by Teri, Chad and the team in LA and was given the greatest opportunities to work and train with the best choreographers and dancers in the business.  The Hollywood Tour nurtures young talent and opens up a whole new world of dance providing the chance to meet like minded dancers from across the globe, perform at events such as LA Carnival, and meet with top performing arts agencies.  I will cherish the memories, opportunities and friendships I formed on this tour for life!”

    Lisa Crow – Dancer, Perth Australia
  • “I went to the Hollywood tour and made some of the best memories on that tour and made friends from different countries that I still keep in contact with to this day.  Every class was different, and challenged me and excited me in infinite ways.  I grew so much as a dancer and it only fueled my passion as a performer even more.  It is a great way to get submersed in the industry and to expand your knowledge as a dancer.  I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for Teri Knapp and the opportunities I experienced in the Hollywood tour!”

    Heather Manley – Cast member Aladin in Sydney, Guam
  • “I attended the Hollywood Tour and it was an amazing experience!  They presented us with the rare opportunities to learn from top choreographers/teachers in a smaller class size.  Another highlight was performing an Andre Fuentes piece in Carnival.  Highly recommended!”

    Alicia Kasih – Choreographer, Show Director, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • “I attended the Hollywood Tour and participated in Starpower International Talent Competition and went to many Workshops and classes at studios such as Millennium dance complex, The Rock and Debbie Reynolds.  This was one of the best experiences of my life,  I met so many wonderful people and I experienced being taught by a few of the best choreographers in LA.  I was also lucky enough to do this trip two years in a row as a friend of mine who went to the same dance school as me at the time won the Scholarship the following year  So I went along the second time as I loved the trip so much the year before. I am now currently on my second year of studying a Diploma in Elite Performance of Dance at Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance in Melbourne, Australia.  In March 2017 I will be moving to Los Angeles to do a Certificate Course at Millennium dance Complex and hopefully pursue a career in the dance industry.  If it wasn’t for the Hollywood Tour I don’t think I would have ever of realized what I wanted to do in my life.  This really opened up my mind to the dance world and what there was out there for dancers.”

    Louise Coulter – Millennium Scholarship winner, New Zealand
  • “The Hollywood Tour was the perfect way to visit LA for the first time as a dancer.  We received access to the best studios, training and teachers!  Everything was organized and made the tour relaxed, fun, and we got the most out of our time in LA.  The team was so helpful in providing a platform for us to learn, grow and also network within the industry.  I now live in LA and work as a professional dancer and my journey began with the Hollywood Tour.  The tour helped me first understand visas, working in LA, and gave me a base to pursue my dreams!”

    Jenna Walasek – dancer in LA, Australia
  • “I’ve been on the SOURCEDANCE Hollywood Tour four times now and if I could, I would go again!  The tour gave me opportunities to meet and work with some very inspiring people.  From countless classes to performing at ‘Carnival’, I was able to bring the knowledge I gained back home and have gone on to teach, perform and even choreograph my own production!”

    Melissa Markos – Dance Teacher & Choreographer, Australia
  • “Going on the Hollywood Tour was one of the best things I have ever done.  I had never imagined that I would go to the United States to learn from some of the best in the industry, let alone perform at Carnival, but these are some of the unique opportunities that this tour provides.  I learnt so much, met some wonderful people and had such a great time that I had to go on the tour again the next year.  The SOURCEDANCE team managed everything so well and made sure everyone had the best experience that all we had to do was soak it all up. The tour opened my eyes to a whole new world and gave me the confidence to start going to the United States on my own to attend classes and I have been going to the States nearly every year since.  I would recommend this tour to anyone that loves to dance and wants to grow as a dancer.  It was truly life changing and unforgettable.”

    Jennifer Young – Dancer, New Zealand
  • “I attended the SOURCEDANCE Hollywood Tour and to this day I can still say it has been one of the most inspiring experiences of my life.  Learning from a variety of teachers was what really helped me improve as a dancer because each of them had their own motivating advice and knowledge to share.  Meeting and dancing with other much older, talented individuals from around the world, really drove me to want to become like them. Together as a group we filmed a music video in the desert, which was choreographed by Andre Fuentes and was such a fun and incredible experience that I would do again any day.  The Hollywood Tour has helped me get to where I am today, as it was what opened my eyes to how amazing dance can be.  Last year, I won a trip to New York to train at Broadway Dance Center and to Los Angeles to train at The Edge and this has made me want to move to America, as the caliber of choreographers and dancers is second to none.  Most recently, I won a scholarship to the Joffrey Ballet School summer intensive in San Francisco.  If I did not go to the Hollywood Tour in 2009, my nine year old self may not have grown the confidence or ability to achieve the things I have today. I am so thankful for Teri, for creating such an extraordinary opportunity for young dancers and for Andre Fuentes, who will forever be my favorite teacher, as he is who inspired me to always keep working and striving to be the best I can be. RIP Andre.”

    Caitlin Marks – Dancer, Australia
  • “The Hollywood Tour is sooo amazing and so different from every other tour.  The Hollywood Tour is such a fun experience and great learning.  My favorite part is attending amazing classes and then going out for some fun destinations.  I also LOVE performing in the Choreographer’s Carnival in Hollywood.  This is an experience I will never forget.  It is a lot to take in – but I love it!!!”

    Alysha Percy – US Pulse Elite, Sydney Australia
  • “Being on the SOURCEDANCE HOLLYWOOD TOUR opened my eyes to the American Industry.  The one time I went, I got to work with the most incredible choreographers in both LA and NYC.  It was hard work but I loved every part of it and we had a ball.  We were pushed out of our comfort zones with so many different styles and I grew so much because of it.  Thanks to the tour I was able to check out different schools and I ended up moving to NYC a few months later to study Performing Arts.  I’m still here and loving every moment.”

    Karli Dinardo – dancers in NYC, Australia
  • “2012 was the year my perspective for dance changed as I had only been dancing for 2 years at the point but when I went to America for the SOURCEDANCE Hollywood Tour, I was able to see dance as a career.  Currently I dance for a living, competing national, starring in both television commercials and international movies..(recently in the new honey 3 movie) as well as dancing behind some local artists and teaching classes and workshops too..all of this is just testament to how useful a tour can be to someone..for me specifically the tour helped me understand work ethic that it takes to be a professional dancer, getting taught by the best of the best day in and out really does motivate you to be better..besides all the dancing and getting a chance to perform at carnival,  I as a South African, got to experience American culture and see all what it had to offer.  Lastly I would just like to thank SOURCEDANCE for being such a crucial part of my dance training”

    Sipho Didiza – Professional Dancer & Choreographer, South Africa
  • “I love the Hollywood Tour!  I have been 3 times and have enjoyed every single tour.  As a dance teacher/studio owner I found this tour to offer my students once in a lifetime opportunities – such as dance classes at world class studios with world class Choreographers.  This experience has opened their eyes to the wonderful world of international dance and we all went home inspired!  I can’t wait to take my next group of dancers on an amazing Hollywood Tour!”

    Amy Yorke – Studio Director – Dance Avenue, New Zealand
  • “I was lucky enough to participate on the Hollywood Tour.  This has to this day held its position as one of the greatest times of my life. I was fortunate enough to visit LA with several friends from my Canberra Dance School “Fresh Funk”.  We were so impressed by the line up of teachers and the organization.  Chad and Teri went above and beyond to accommodate us in every way possible.  The tour inspired me as a dancer and choreographer and I believe It shaped the person and teacher that I have now become.  Working Full Time in Melbourne, I still carry the memories from Hollywood Tour with me, and continue to share the experiences and lessons with my students.  Since then Teri and I have managed to maintain a friendship that still stands strong after 7 years.  I truly believe the Hollywood Tour was the first stepping stone of my career as a professional choreographer and dancer and will be eternally grateful to all those who made it possible!!!”

    Jack May – Choreographer, Australia